Make the Dream Real

Are you sick of politics as usual? Are you sick of politicians that only look out for their own selfish interest? Are you extremely tired of divisions and fights because of race, sexual preferences and inequality? We are too!

We created Colorblind movement because we believe that our society is ready for positive lasting change and the current two-party system needs to be challenged.

We are coming to you to ask for your contribution today to support candidates that are not part of the establishment.

America is a beautiful melting pot with different colors, origins, beliefs and life styles. We encourage respect and equality. We can grow our economy faster if we open the door of opportunity for everyone.

Our children and young people are the ones people that must be taught that respect for all cultures and that respect for all comes from policy established by fair and wise leadership.

We need change from the current leadership of the stifling two party system that controls leadership of our political system and controlled by corrupt special interest money.

That’s the reason we exist. We want to take back our freedoms and bring colorblind and fair candidates into the political process that can win.


The Colorblind Movement seeks to promote colorblind policies of equality through character development.

This organization believes everybody should have equal opportunities in the society.

  • Business opportunities should be granted to all no matter the gender, race or sexual preference.
  • Immigration: Any nationality should have the same opportunity apply to come to the United States of America to enjoy the American Dream and contribute to the economy.
  • Education:
    • The members of our communities should have the opportunity to choose the school their kids should attend.
    • The standards for the education and its levels in our schools should be higher and equal no matter the social background the community has.
    • Our students must have a safer environment
  • Jobs  and opportunity has to be granted to all no matter the gender, race or sexual preference.

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